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Parenting Issues

Parenting Issues

Parents play an integral part in the emotional well-being of their child and/or adolescent. In today’s ever changing climate, children and adolescents face even greater pressures than ever before. Over the past couple of decades, various disciplinary methods have been touted. But often these methods failed, while well-intentioned, were not rooted in sound psychological principles. Parents are often left feeling frustrated and helpless, and then feeling guilty for “giving in.” I work closely with parents to understand their unique family dynamics and together we can devise an individualized, evidence-based plan that works.

There is strong clinical data to support proper parenting techniques that are safe, easy, and effective. In my practice, I work with parents to teach them these skills and how to apply them to their children. One of the most important factors of these skill sets is to remove the emotional component that leaves parents feeling overwhelmed and over-stressed. I coach parents to address children and teens on a level they can understand, using their language. An understanding of the developmental and psychological needs of children and adolescents is a key aspect of successful parenting.

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