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Family Therapy

Therapy for Families

My clinical background and approach is rooted in family systems therapy. Therefore, I am able to work with the entire family to address issues that one or more members of the family may be experiencing. This may involve couples counseling or may be more focused on parenting concerns. Each family member experiences and expresses themselves in a unique way, and it is important that each individual feels heard and validated. In my clinical practice, I strive to involve parents and family members whenever it is possible and appropriate. I often integrate family sessions into the child/teen’s treatment plan, as well, so I can affect change more thoroughly. By understanding the entire family system, negative patterns of interaction can be identified and improved. Every family is uniquely complex and my goal is to provide a safe, therapeutic space to help the entire family system to heal. Psychological treatment can be a highly effective, and often essential, intervention for strengthening the family system and its richly complex dynamic.

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