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Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and other mood disorders can occur in any age. Depression is more than just feeling “sad” and often doesn’t even present as sadness, particularly with children and adolescents. Feelings of boredom, fatigue, isolation and disruptions in sleep and appetite are just some of the symptoms that one may experience. There has been an increase in depression, along with anxiety, over the last few months due to the pandemic and it is important to seek professional help if you or a child is struggling during this time.

Children and adolescents experience and express depression differently than adults do. While adults can talk about their feelings and seek treatment on their own, children often do not have yet have the vocabulary or cognitive skills to understand and then express the complex range of feelings associated with depression. Adolescents and teenagers, while verbally fluent, often have difficulty opening up to their parents, and therefore, may struggle to express depressive feelings. A psychologist can assess and diagnose depression and mood disorders and work with you and your child to implement an evidence-based treatment plan.

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